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We Reinvent Past Loves as Present Favourites

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Hair Doo Tourism

Posted on Aug 9 by

My hair style has always been a changing palette. When getting a cut, I always ask for something different, something with an edge and a surprise. I rarely visit the same stylist more than a few times because they tend to do the same thing with only a slight variation. So I decided to pair my travels with my hair stylings. This past year, I’ve been to salons in Paris, New York, and San Francisco to get a doo with local tastes. When planning my trips, I search for the top stylists, read the reviews, look for a creative ambiance, and book an afternoon for the new delight. PARIS, September 2014, I had an British stylist at Style Pixie Before  After, in Luxembourg Gardens NEW YORK, February 2015, I had a French stylist at Alibi Before  After, just before going to New York Fashion Week shows SAN FRANCISCO, July 2015, I had went to Code Before   After     ...


Bowen Clothing Sale, My Annual Treasure Hunt

Posted on May 18 by

Each spring, The Bowen Island Preschool hosts a clothing sale where every item is $2. Community members donate their gently used and even new items that languish in their closets. Each year, I find great treasures, including designer labels, vintage treasures, unusual patterns and fabrics, and outdated styles. For a minimal investment, I get a year’s worth of recouture fun that enables me to play with techniques and looks while I build my experience and repertoire. You’ll see in my projects gallery that most items began as a $2 cast-away. This year, Tina joined me. Together we arrived at the opening (then I returned at 2pm to get my “fill a bag for $10” deal – the results of which are shown here) and within an hour we had our stash. Our strategy was to go straight to the suits and dresses before circling back to the skirts, sweaters and tops. We found items for ourselves and for each other. It was quite an adrenalin rush, and I had great larks amid much excitement.   My stash includes 10 blazers,   5 skirts,    ...


Sneak Peek Wearable Art Exhibits

Posted on Mar 16 by

Tina and I are challenging our creativity and expanding our couture concepts by entering the Bowen Island Wearable Art Show next week. Here is a sneak Preview of the jewelry exhibits. Tina’s Espresso Cup Necklaces My guitar string...


New York Fashion Week: Pinched Awake

Posted on Mar 11 by

Experiencing New York Fashion Week was a dream I didn’t think I’d wake to see. I imagined it, yes; but being in the company of Anna Wintour, Grayden Carter, designers, models, and celebs at the cat-walk was restricted to monthly immersion in Vanity Fair and Vogue. Yet, with encouragement from my friends and loved ones, I made it happen. A few weeks ago, my friend Sue and I packed our most notable pieces that would fit in our carry-ons and withstand  the sub-zero NYC clime, and caught the cat-walk. I pinched myself through two fashion shows and needling our way backstage.     Besides the excitement of MOMA, the Met, Studio 54, and Saks 5th Avenue, I was thrilled by the compliments my outfits garnered by many New Yorkers; the crowning comments were from the Alexander McQueen rep who admired my Gwen Stefani’s Lamb design, and the photographer backstage who admired my own creation then took this shot.           Being at NYFW inspired me with confidence in my own talent for defining beloved and forgotten...