I have a thing for shoes. I have over 100 pairs, and most of them aren’t comfortable for more than 4 hours at a stretch, but oh how I love them all. I have a shoe rack at home and at work.


My daughter-in-law Brooke gave me this set from London’s Irregular Choice – my first gift from her, Christmas 2011.IMG_0208

These three pairs (BalDSC02461ly,  Ingledew, Nina) I got for $4 each at the Nook, and added the $1 earrings and ceramic buttons to them for whimsy (February 2017).DSC02466


These are 30 years old, so I sewed on the tassels to make them fun and renewed (December 2016).


Both of these are also Nook $4 (July 2016)









My commuter friend Judge Cathy gave me these when she retired: she bought the green cuties in Japan, and the Fluevogs she wore but once (summer 2016)


These are also Irregular Choice I asked Nigel to bring home for my on a visit from Oxford, Christmas 2011



IMG_3223These got stolen from my car.   IMG_0114


These Coach runners wore out, and I replaced them with these blinged Kate Spades.


These polka Fluevogs are possibly my favourites, as of December 2015 at least..

These I saw in a magazine and found out where to buy them, before online purchasing was a thing (2005). They are a tich too small, but my favourites still.

IMG_0222IMG_3225IMG_2797IMG_0091IMG_0089IMG_0149IMG_2796IMG_0148IMG_0229IMG_0231IMG_0232IMG_0234IMG_0235IMG_0236IMG_0206IMG_0237 I added bling to these and wore them to Nigel’s wedding. I was on a one-year moratorium from buying more shoes!IMG_0966IMG_0082IMG_0207

IMG_0210IMG_0211IMG_0217IMG_0223IMG_0224IMG_0226IMG_0228IMG_0176IMG_0177IMG_0178IMG_0184IMG_0179IMG_0181IMG_0183IMG_0186IMG_0191IMG_0202IMG_0129IMG_0204IMG_0205IMG_0141IMG_0139IMG_0127IMG_0128IMG_0130IMG_0132IMG_0133IMG_0135IMG_0131IMG_0137These are lovely Italian beauties that I never wear, so I added some ribbon and bling and now they get out more DSC00367