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This dress was $10 at a vintage store in Victoria, and a pink silk blouse at the Bowen sale for $2. I saw potential in each, but had no inspiration until I saw this Johnny Depp Alice in Wonderland costume.Before - vintage dress pre-coutureRecouture inspiration, Alice in Wonderland

Back recoutured jacketI draped the dress over the blouse and started cutting. The silk trim from the hem became a ruffle neckline added to the turned-up collar on which I moved the button to an exposed position.


Neck details, button and ribbonI added a vintage button as the new closure.Ribbon and underlayers recoutured



To the neck and sleeves, I added organza ribbon. To the sleeve, I added a bell ruffle with the dress hem trim together with a few layers of lilac tulle.


After - Alice in Wonderland recouture

Alice in Wonderland top Birthday outfitThe resulting jacket is very pink and frilly, so wearing it requires a special occasion – like my birthday!