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Inspired by for both the idea of recouturing my wardrobe and also refreshing dull colours, I bought a raft of dyes and started on my new art project that is more like a science project.


My first attempt created an uneven blue from the pearl grey, but I like the effect even if unintended.

Before dye

Pearl grey tee

After dye

Mottled blue










My daugher-in-law Brooke had a dress from India (her first gift from my son on return from his travels there, days into their romance). The tie-dye needed to be softened before I recoutured the dress into a skirt

IMG_3160 IMG_3177









I bought a Gautier crepe silk blouse on my first trip to Paris a decade ago, but the dull green needed a lift. I tried for burgundy but it turned denim blue, which is a good match for my eyes.


I had fun recouturing a lime green jacket into a ruched asymmetrical piece, but the green wasn’t for me. I tried for blue but got a different green which is better than it was. Dying is an art!

IMG_2630  IMG_3048

I have had a this white poet’s blouse for decades, but it dulled over the years. I tried for deep burgundy (my favourite colour which is hard to find and harder to create) and got a dull red.

IMG_3060 IMG_3071

I had a pink silk skirt I seldom wore which was crying from my closet, so I bought long fringe and dyed it with tea, to create a vintage ombre effect. Now it gets out for special events, and creates quite a stir, literally it stirs.