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Fluffed Jacket collar & sleeves I’ve done a number of quick recoutures to jazz up the dullards in my closet.

This jacket came with a long skirt that was a deal, but after a few years I tired of the conservative look. I gave the skirt away, and added black fluff to the collar and cuffs. Now I love wearing this.Joe Fresh tee cropped and ruched


I needed a navy top for a yachting event. I picked up the Joe Fresh tee for $10, cut the hem and made it into an asymmetrical trim from shoulder to pocket.


Mink added to vintage coat

This vintage spring coat had a lovely cut but was too monotonous. I added mink trim to the shawl collarOrganza added to mink and cuffs. I wore it for a few years but it still didn’t excite me. I found an organza scarf languishing in my closet that I had made a few years ago. I ruched the scarf onto the shawl collar, and voila.


Merino sweater precouture



This wool sweater was $5 in a Victoria vintage shop. I added a vintage button and fur cuffs.

Vintage sweater, vintage button and fur cuffs added





Zebra stripedAlso from the Victoria shop was this zebra jacket. I reshaped the hem and added a feather boa as trim.



Recoutured bamboo dressMy friend MC gave me this bamboo dress, which was perfect for my work-at-home days, but it needed some fun which I found in my button box.




This periwinkle top was chosen for me by my friend Lorna. The colourPeriwinkle re-perked was great for my new pallet focus on blues, but the cut was all wrong with its bat wings and tie-back. I cropped it, re-shaped the sleeve, and sewed down the straps at the back while bringing the strap-ends to the front as a feature I finished with a brooch.