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My friend of 30 years, Tina Wilting, and I have a dream – to recouture beloved garments that languish in closets because they have lost their charm but not their sentiment.

To build our skills, we meet monthly for a sewing bee to recouture our own wardrobes.

Our first bee was in the spring of 2014. The previous spring, Trevor gave me a dressmaker’s form for my birthday that I dubbed Dolly, and she was there to watch our first power-sew. It was dolly who really fired up my creativity and allowed me to envision what might be.


Soon, Tina also got a dolly; we were set.IMG_0455

For our first sewing bee of 2015, we invited our friend Jeannie, also our friend of 30 years, to join us.

IMG_1354 IMG_1350 IMG_1351

Jeannie and I had sewed Christmas dressing gowns together in 2013, and her reacquaintance with her sewing machine began then. One year later, her skills had sharpened and she accomplished her first ReCoutures.